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We are pleased to be a distributor for Big Bend Trailers.  In our own use, both Riverside Ranch Cattle and Riverside Repro Heifer Development Center, we have looked for efficient & durable equipment.  Big Bend offers trailers that meet these standards.  You will see Big Bend trailers used daily at the feed yard and on the ranch.  We feel these trailers are among the best quality in the industry, and offer excellent customer service.  For information, please call (208)830-8088.

Daniels Alley Systems are now offered at Oregon Trail Livestock in Baker City, Oregon.  Please contact Martin Arritola for information at (541)523-3089. 

Commercial Bred Heifers in OR Commercial Bred Heifers in OR Commercial Bred Heifers in OR

Big Bend Trailers have been using gooseneck trailers on their ranches for over 40 years. They operate ranches in about five different counties of West Texas (The Big Bend Area). Their trailers are pulled over many miles of rough roads, which is tough on trailers and equipment. With this type of use, they have developed a line of trailers that are more durable under these conditions.

For product details, visit BigBendTrailers.com.




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