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Commercial Angus Cattle
Commercial Black Angus Cattle Prarie City OR

Development Center

Riverside Repro is located in Vale, Oregon. It is approximately 27 miles from I-84 which provides easy interstate access for hauling cattle. The climate is ideal for feeding cattle with minimal rainfall and dry conditions.

The development center specializes in heifer development and reproduction. For development, our goal is to achieve optimum growth for replacement females so that they develop capacity to sustain future fertility.  A full line of reproductive services are offered, from estrus synchronization to artificial insemination.  See our Heifer Development Program page for more details on professional heifer development, and the financial benefits to using a heifer development program.

Genex Cooperative, Inc. sires are available through our facility to provide our customers the highest quality sires and professional chute side services. To see current sire listing, visit Genex.

Feeder cattle development is also an option whether it is GAP 4, natural or conventional cattle.  We strive for competitive pricing for our customers, while providing the highest quality facilities and management. 

We have worked with Dr. Tom Noffsinger DVM to incorporate his low stress cattle handling techniques into our operation and facility. We feel these techniques are very important to the success of the cattle while in our facility.  In addition, the feed pens have been designed for maximum space for cattle. 

Prospective customers are welcome to tour our facilities, please contact us if you would like to visit.  For more information contact Elisa Pendergrass at: elisa.pendergrass@gmail.com.

Commercial Black Angus Cattle Prarie City OR
Commercial Black Angus Cattle Prarie City OR
Commercial Black Angus Cattle Prarie City OR


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